Clam Clown

    Here's a penciled page from Doug Hills for a project called Dixon's Notch we're doing.

    Once again, submitted without context. I can tell you that it's a flashback, and it's page 9.  Doug nailed what was in the script, which is always satisfying.



    King Pete on Top Shelf 2.0

    King Pete, a 4 page short story, which some of you might remember from our Sequentially Ever After Contest, has been published on Top Shelf 2.0, which is their portal for publishing material on the web. 

    King Pete is the story of a world where there is a sword in a stone, and it's pulled by Pete, who works in accounting.  I did the script, with great art by Doug Hills and fabulous colors by Jordan Boyd.  I even lettered the thing!  It's a very fun little story, and I'm definitely going to think up some more tales for this world.  So look out for "Turd's Quest" in the near future.  I'm not nearly done working with Doug or Jordan, either.

    Also make sure to check out so many of the other comics on TS 2.0, where there are all kinds of comics, from single stories to long term ongoings, like Kagan McLeod's Infinite Kung-Fu.

    I believe this marks the first time any of my work has been published anywhere other than my own website, so that's pretty cool.  Thanks to Top Shelf for the opportunity!


    Still Working On Comics...

    After a bit of a late summer slump, me and my collaborators and I are still working on making comics.  I didn't want you to think we'd given up at all.  On the contrary, I've got new pages coming in again, and I'll be making another push towards publishers soon. 

    You'll notice over to the right side of my website, I've added a comic book writing section with all the stuff I've worked on and can post on the site.  There is actually a good deal more work than that that we're trying to get published, so it won't be going up quite yet, but it's a few examples I like, and a lot of "Learning Process" going on there.

    Finally, I thought I'd show you a penciled page from Boston by Kalle Malloy, with whom I worked on Logue's Patrol.  Submitted without comment, lettering, or context of any kind.

    Also, it should be noted and celebrated that it was one year ago that Kalle and I started working together on comics.  He's definitely become a friend, and he's a great guy to work with. In that year, I've also met several other people in the process who have also become friends of mine.  That's the great hidden secret of making comics.  You aren't just making the comics.


    That is one fast french bulldog!

    People don't believe me when I say he likes to run.


    I Think It Looks Like Me


    Lindsay and I will be rocketing into adulthood in March of next year.  All is well so far, and we're very excited.  That's about all there is to say for now.