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    Darwyn Cooke

    The news about Darwyn's cancer is now public, and this is a very hard time, and I've had a difficult time thinking about what to say, because there's nothing I can say. Everything about this is awful. I cried when I found out. I'm crying now that everyone else is finding out. Darwyn Cooke is my favorite comic book artist. I honestly think he's the best cartoonist in the industry, and every nugget he delivered was gold. 


    On top of that, Darwyn is our friend. We met him in 2008, because we wanted to put him on our video show. He was one of those larger than life characters. And we were completely intimitated by him. We were at a party at Isotope in San Francisco celebrating the release of The New Frontier animated movie, and it was a very special time for iFanboy. I'd just quit my job to do the website full time. Darwyn had a line out the door all night. He is great with fans, and gives them all his time and attention. Around 1-2 in the morning, we finally made it up to him. He asked us if we "bitches had the stones to meet him at 9 in the morning" to do a video interview, and of course we said yes. The next morning, he showed up 30 minutes late with his then girlfriend, now wife, Marsha, in a green tshirt that said "You Looked Hotter on MySpace", and we talked about comics and his work in what was a high point for us. Every other time we had the chance to talk to him, we did. He was always funny and candid, and truly wise. He is a guy who really lives the way he wants to. He has the talent to back that up. He doesn't suffer fools. We became friends. We had dinners at Cons together. I didn't get to go, but we were invited to the wedding. For Darwyn to embrace what we did, and give us respect for it meant the world to us, and push me, Ron, and Conor forward. It was an immense validation of what we were doing, and that it was valuable. Why would this guy, this legend, give us the time of day otherwise? I cannot stress enough how meaningful that was and is to this day. 

    A year ago, Dar had been invited to do a spotlight panel in Anaheim, and he asked that the three of us come out to run the panel. And it was all three of us, or nothing. He offered to pay my way if I couldn't afford the ticket. I don't know if I've ever been so touched. You have to remember that not only is he a nice guy, and extremely popular in the comics world, I genuinely love his work. I think his work is as good as modern comics has to offer. Imagine your favorite musician or director offering to pay to have you come talk to him. We did the panel, which was so much fun. I drank some whiskey, and we had an amazing lunch and discussion afterwards. Darwyn tells the best stories. Inside comics industry stories, naming names and shining a light on the absurdity of it all. For the rest of my life, I'm going to be saying "What's your end game here?" because of Dar. We're keeping that explanation to ourselves though. 

    It is the saddest thing in the world to see talent snuffed out too early. All of my love and thoughts go out to Darwyn and Marsha and their families. I'm so thankful we got to experience as much of that talent and art as we did, and I got to be a little closer to it than most. 

    And please please please quit smoking if you still do.  

    Fuck the motherfucking ever loving shit out of cancer, you evil fucking bastard of a disease.  


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