Josh Flanagan is probably best known as one of the hosts of iFanboy, the most popular comic book podcasts on the web, as well as one of the founders of  That is, unless you're at his house, and then he's best known as that guy on the couch.

    Josh grew up in Brunswick, Maine where he never quite learned to appreciate lobster, but learned a life-long and very irritating habit of saying "you think THIS is cold?" He was on the junior varsity basketball team his sophomore year of high school, scoring no points, and maybe one rebound.  Clearly not intended for the sporting life, he went to Ithaca College to study Television and Radio because he "kinda liked TV" and didn't really have anything else to do. From Ithaca, he moved to Los Angeles, California where he worked on such memorable television programs as Battle Dome, Winning Lines, and Fame for 15: Extraordinary Journeys (full title), and a couple you might have actually heard of like Junkyard Wars and Filter on G4TV. Fearing fire and having a deep dislike for avocado, Josh and his wife Lindsay moved to New York City, for reasons they've both forgotten, before ultimately splitting from there too..

    These days Josh lives in New Hampshire, among trees, spending his time pontificating on the web about comic books, the greatest storytelling medium that far too few appreciate. When not working on iFanboy or Graphicly, Josh works on various comic book projects, hoping to perfect his scripting abilities. When not doing one of those things, he's probably teaching his young son the true joy of a very silly voice, or entertaining his french bulldog, George Clooney. When not doing any of those things, it's very likely he's sleeping, so please turn the light off. On a particularly good day, Josh can be found mountain biking or snowboarding, hopefully avoiding trees.

    You can check out some of Josh's comic book work here.

    You can contact him at